Private Equity Solutions

Transformational value creation at every stage of the transaction lifecycle

Private Equity Solutions

Blue chip client base of leading international and domestic private equity funds

Flexible and pragmatic approach tailored to the specific needs of each business opportunity

Proprietary methodologies to accelerate value creation at every stage of the transaction lifecycle

Extensive network of sector specialists to provide deep industry insights for each business opportunity

Small, agile consulting teams that deliver rapid outcomes

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Support at every stage of the transaction lifecycle

Transaction value is maximised by clear alignment at each stage of the transaction life-cycle with a value creation strategy that builds on the initial investment thesis

Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence services

Validation / refinement of the investment thesis and initial articulation of a value creation strategy

100 Day Planning

100 day planning services

Implementation of quick wins and setting the foundations for future value creation

Strategy Execution

Strategy consulting services

Detailed development of the value creation strategy, and identification of key strategic initiatives

Performance Improvement

Performance improvement services

Prioritisation and ongoing tracking of delivery benefits from the strategic initiatives

Vendor Due Diligence

Market research services

Demonstration of the strategic value of the business

Commercial Due Diligence

A rigorous approach designed to yield rapid insights aligned to your investment thesis

Commercial Due Diligence approach

We adopt a three-stage approach to commercial due diligence:

Hypothesis Development

Development of preliminary views on the market and competitive positioning of the target to identify the key areas to test during commercial due diligence 

Research, Analysis and Modelling

The specific activities to inform the assessment of the investment thesis will vary depending on the nature of the target business and market context. A bespoke program of analytical modules is developed in collaboration with the private equity fund, and typically includes market research (primary and / or secondary), market size modelling, customer analysis, assessment of the business, and financial modelling

Synthesis / Refinement

Development of a comprehensive commercial due diligence report that sets out the key findings and implications for the investment thesis. The report can also support discussions with lenders around deal structure and financing options

100 Day Planning

100 Day Planning builds upon our proprietary program management methodology (Zenith PMO Studio) to ensure rapid prioritisation and execution of high impact initiatives during the initial transition to Private Equity ownership

Focus on value creation and prioritisation of initiatives

Clear allocation of responsibilities and alignment between PE fund and management team

 Metric-driven agile PMO approach that allows for rapid refinement of plans and resolution of any issues during initial delivery

Extensive library of strategic initiative templates and execution plans and templates to quick-start value creation delivery

Zenith PMO Studio Program Summary
PMO Implementation tool

Strategy Execution

We support management teams in the development and execution of rapid value creation strategies

We leverage our proprietary strategy methodologies, tools and templates to develop rapid value creation strategies

Our approach is collaborative, and typically leads to very strong alignment between the PE fund and management team

We leverage our extensive experience in strategy implementation to ensure recommendations are pragmatic and generate significant impact within PE investment cycles

Our clients typically see a 40-100x return on our fees

Learn more about our proprietary strategy development and execution methodologies

Performance Improvement

We have extensive experience in improving performance through improvements to the operating model and cost base

Rigorous and comprehensive data-driven approach

Clear prioritisation to drive rapid improvement in performance

Proprietary tools and frameworks to support execution and track results

Our clients typically see a 40-100x return on our fees for performance improvement engagements

Performance Improvement Tracking Processes

Strategy implementation process

Vendor Due Diligence

We help vendors maximise value at exit through ensuring optimal positioning of the business and a clear articulation of the value drivers

We support PE funds planning for exit with a comprehensive range of vendor services.

Our commercial vendor due diligence reports ensure a clear understanding of the market context, positioning of the business, and future growth outlook.

Where the growth outlook or strategy is not well-defined, we can support management teams to identify future growth drivers that can support an increased valuation multiple on exit.

Private Equity Services

A comprehensive list of services tailored to the needs of PE funds and their portfolio companies

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