Support for Covid-19

How we can help you to formulate a strategic response

Our new guide for businesses looking to develop a response to the challenges of Covid-19 is now available

6-Week Covid-19 Support Program Overview

We have developed a 6-week program which takes businesses through each step of our three-stage framework for responding to Covid-19
Our 6-week program starts with a lauch week, where we rapidly gain the necessary overview and supporting context of your business, and work with you to develop a business continuity plan. We also identified any areas that require immediate attention, and tailor the remainder of the program to meet the specific needs of your business.

In the next stage, we focus on Securing Near-Term Viability. This involves the development of a cashflow scenario model to assess potential cashflow shortfalls under a range of scenarios relating to the length and severity of the Covid-19 revenue impact. These shortfalls can be compared with available funding sources (including potential Government support packages) to assess the extent of any funding gap. Our repository of mitigating actions (to lessen the impact on revenue, take out cost, and manage working capital) can be referenced to identify a suitable strategy for your specific business context. From this, any "quick win" actions can be prioritised to drive an immediate cashflow benefit.


We then focus on the delivery of the mitigating actions, via our proprietary strategic delivery planning framework. This is designed to support the planning, delivery and tracking stages of each initiative. In our experience, particularly in turnaround or performance improvement situations, it is critical to have an up-to-date understanding of which parts of a plan are falling behind schedule, or under-delivering on the anticipated benefits. This ensures appropriate corrective action can be undertaken before a signficant cash shortfall arises.

Our 6 week Covid-19 Support Program concludes with a finalisation week. In addition to reviewing the progress of the program, and identifying any additional actions that are required, this is also an opportunity to consider the medium-term outlook, and position the business for success.

6 Week Covid-19 Support Program Options

We offer a range of options for businesses looking for support in responding to the challenges of Covid-19. These range from a self-delivery model, where we provide the necessary analytical tools and templates for you to work through the framework with the support of the coach, through to bespoke consulting engagements tailored to the specific needs of your enterprise.

Supported DIY Program

  • Access to the 6-Week Covid-19 Strategic Response Framework
  • All associated anaytical tools, templates and models
  • Frequent scheduled check-in calls to guide you through the process (10 x 1 hr calls over the course of the 6 weeks with a dedicated strategic delivery coach)

Strategic Program Delivery

  • Access to all the resources, templates and financial models used to deliver the COVID-19 strategic framework
  • A tailored scenario cashflow model and set of cashflow mitigation actions that reflect the specific characteristics of your business
  • A dedicated part-time or full-time strategy consultant (depending on the complexity of your business) who will complete the analytical and planning tasks for you, and support the execution of the cashflow mitigation actions during the 6-week program

Bespoke Support

  • Our senior team will develop a bespoke COVID-19 strategy program tailored to the specific requirements of your enterprise
  • Our enterprise support includes strategic planning, analytic support and deployment of our strategic delivery framework to ensure rapid execution of mitigation initiatives.

Free Covid-19 Strategy Launch Session

Schedule your complimentary 45 minute Covid-19 strategy launch session. In this session, we will take you through the support program options that are available, and discuss how you can apply the Covid-19 Strategic Response Framework, to meet the specific needs of your business.