Strategic Capabilities

We deploy and extensive range of strategic and analytical capabilities to drive value creation for our clients

We combine deep knowledge of strategic approaches with extensive expertise across a range of industry sectors. In addition to our in-house team, we leverage our extensive network of experts to ensure that we bring specific relevant sector according to the needs of each engagement.

Strategy consulting services


We have a pragmatic approach to strategy development. Our focus is on delivering tangible results for our clients.

Strategy implementation services


Our approach ensures consistent, predicatable and repeatable implementation process.

Performance improvement services

Cost Reduction

We have a systematic approach to cost reduction delivery. This ensures we can avoid common causes of program failure.

Other Capabilities

In addition to our core strategy development, execution and performance improvement capabilities, we have a broad range of other functional capabilities. This ensures a comprehensive and rigorous approach to each client engagement.

We have a range of primary and secondary research capabilities, and undertake market research either on a standalone basis for our clients, or as a key input into a broader strategic engagement. Our research programs are designed and executed by experienced strategists rather than researchers, providing deeper actionable insights. We begin with a clear understanding of the objectives of the research, and specify a bespoke research program designed to address these specific objectives. Our reports go beyond the research data to identify the critical actionable insights coming out of the findings.

Example engagements include:

  • Research into agency attitudes and behaviours with respect to digital property practice management software services
  • Sizing of the realestate property portal market based on analysis of key market drivers and outlook informed by primary research of buyers and agents
  • Multiple market and competitor screens across a broad range of sectors

Price is the most powerful lever available to a business, with any impact from pricing feeding straight through to the bottom line. Based on our experience of working with many clients over the years, all too often companies are failing to maximise the potential of their price structure. As well as headline rates, the overall packaging of the proposition must be considered, including the pricing of any supplementary services or bundles. In addition, for many businesses, optimisation of the price structure is not purely based on maximising the value of a series of one-off transactions, but needs to reflect the potential of ongoing recurring revenue streams (for example via a subscription service or loyalty programs).

Example engagements include:

  • Development of fare structure for a major transportation services provider, including analysis of price elasticities and modelling of customer responses to a range of fare structures
  • Revision of the price structure for a leading provider of industrial services. This resulted in a significant increase in revenue, a simpler price structure that was easier to communicate, and an increase in customer satisfaction

Independent studies suggest that around 90% of complex financial models (in excess of 100 rows) contain material errors. We are specialists in financial model design based on clear logic principles and an approach to model development that minimises scope for error and ensures a clear, transparent, readily-auditable output. We provide financial modelling support either on a stand-alone basis for complex modelling requirements, or to inform strategy and business case development.

Example engagements include:

  • Development of an integrated balance sheet and cash flow model for a SAAS-based online booking provider in support of a sale of the business
  • Development of a complex merger integration model to evaluate the business case for the merger of two leading telecommunications operators
  • Development of range of rail passenger behavioural models integrating choice logit models to predict customer responses to timetable and fare structure changes

We provide support across the full life-cycle of an M&A transaction, including initial development of corporate strategy with a clearly defined remit for M&A activity, market screening to identify potential acquisition targets, development of the acquisition business case, through to execution support for post-merger integration activities and benefits realisation.

Example engagements include:

  • Development of the business case and support financial modelling for the merger of two leading telecommunications operators
  • Target screening for a leading diversiifed industrial conglomerate seeking to enter the Australian market
  • Commercial due diligence support for many leading national and international private equity funds

We support private equity and venture capital funds and high net wealth investors in evaluating potential investment opportunities. We adopt a hypothesis-led approach to determine the key assumptions that underpin the investment thesis. We apply a range of analytical techniques including primary and secondary research, financial modelling, market sizing and forecasting, and benchmarking as required to evaluate the key investment assumptions. Our flexible and pragmatic approach ensures we are able to generate significant insight within the tight timeframes of a transaction process.

Example engagements include:

  • Multiple due diligence engagements for many leading global private equity funds
  • Experience across a range of sectors including technology, telecommunications, media, retail, industrial, financial services, building materials

The first 100 days following completion of a transaction are critical to maximising the value of the deal life-cycle. We can support the 100 day planning process with a range of services, from preliminary hypothesis formulation and support for the development of the investment thesis, through to the planning and establishment of a program structure to ensure the clear prioritising and executioin of the key value-creating initiatives during the initial stage of ownership.

Organisation can be a key enabler of strategy, and can have significant implications for the agility of the business and speed of decision-making. We provide a range of organisation and culture design services on either a standalone basis or as a critical component of a broader strategy delivery program.

Example engagements include:

  • Review of operating model, effectiveness and organisation structure of a Government department
  • Organisation review and mapping of decision flows within a leading financial services provider to increase efficiency and speed of decision-making
  • Development of revised organisaton structure for a leading industrial services client to improve organisational alignment with the strategy and improved coordination across functions

We have extensive experience as both advisors and investors across a range of digital business models.

Example engagements include:

  • Strategy development for a range of real estate portals for both B2C and B2B sectors
  • Business development and financial modelling for a SAAS provider on online booking services
  • Strategic review for a leading international online travel aggregator

Sales and Marketing functions face increasing disruption, with traditional marketing approaches and field sales teams increasingly being supplemented by digital channels. We provide a range of services for both traditional and digital sales and marketing functions, from sales force effectiveness implementations through to development of digital marketing strategies.

Example engagements include:

  • Development of digital marketing strategy and benchmarking of SEO and SEM performance relative to competitors for a leading national industrial services business
  • Development and execution of a sales force effectiveness program for a leading national business services operator, including implementation of Salesforce and design of new KPIs and sales incentives scheme
  • Econometric analysis of ROI of advertising spend across both print and digital channels for a national telecommunications operator

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