The Agile Cost Advantage

We provide a range of support services for organisations looking to implement a cost reduction program

Agile Cost Advantage 6-week Launch Program

We have developed a 6-week program to help organisations accelerate their own cost reduction program

Key elements of the 6 week cost reduction accelerator program

During the 6 week cost reduction accelerator program, we will work closely with your senior team to develop a comprehensive cost reduction plan, and put in place the necessary plans and tracking tools to ensure the success of your program.

The 6 week cost reduction program can be delivered remotely, with stakeholder meetings and workshops delivered via video conferences.
During the launch week, we map out your cost structure and conduct a preliminary assessment of the potential compressability of each cost component.
At the end of the launch week, you will have a cost reduction target and supporting rationale, and a roadmap for your own cost reduction program.
In addition, where there are immediate opportunities to generate financial benefits, these will be fast-tracked for immediate action.

6 Week Cost Reduction Accelerator Program Options

We offer a range of options for businesses looking for support with their own cost reduction programs. These range from a self-delivery model, where we provide the necessary analytical tools and templates for you to work through the framework with the support of a coach, through to bespoke consulting engagements tailored to the specific needs of your enterprise.

Supported DIY Program

  • Access to the 6-Week Agile Cost Advantage Framework
  • All associated anaytical tools, templates and models
  • Frequent scheduled check-in calls to guide you through the process (10 x 1 hr calls over the course of the 6 weeks with a dedicated strategic delivery coach)

Strategic Program Delivery

  • Access to the 6-Week Agile Cost Advantage Framework, and all associated tools, templates and models
  • A tailored cost reduction financial model that reflects the specific characteristics of your business
  • A dedicated part-time or full-time strategy consultant (depending on the complexity of your business) who will complete the analytical and planning tasks for you, and support the development of a cost reduction execution program plan

Bespoke Support

  • For larger organisations, our senior team will develop a bespoke Agile Cost Advantage program tailored to the specific requirements of your business
  • Our enterprise support includes strategic planning, analytic support and deployment of our strategic delivery framework to ensure rapid execution of cost reduction initiatives.

The Agile Cost Advantage Launch Session

Schedule your complimentary 45 minute Agile Cost Advantage launch session and set up your own cost reduction program for success.

During this call, we will go deep into how you can apply our Agile Cost Advantage framework to set out a clear cost reduction roadmap for your business. By the end of the call, you will have the following:
An assessment of the overall cost reduction potential of your business
A list of immediate cost reduction priorities to take forward to help you build initial momentum for your cost reduction program
A cost reduction roadmap to help you structure your cost reduction program and avoid some of the common mistakes that organisations make
On the call we will begin by walking through our cost assessment diagnostic tool in order to assess the level of cost reduction potential within your organisation.

We will review the nature of your cost structure, and understand what actions have been taken in the past to reduce costs.

We will then run through our proprietary cost opportunity repository to help you to identify priority cost reduction opportunities for your business. Finally we will discuss how to develop a cost reduction roadmap that sets your business up for success in delivering to the plan.